Wednesday, January 24, 2018

ClamAV Version number adjustment

This is a heads up to the ClamAV community, we are changing our version numbering scheme as follows. Our versions will follow x.y.z (major.minor.patch). Major releases will be reserved for major feature additions or changes that may be incompatible with previous releases. Minor releases will be for regular bug fixes and minor feature changes/additions. Patches will be reserved for security fixes to address CVE and other critical bug fixes.

This change was driven by our need to address a security vulnerability release to resolve a number of CVEs which will be published shortly. We internally discussed a number of options, and reviewed these options with a few key members of the community before making this decision.

What this means for our community members? We will shortly be releasing a 0.99.3 release. This release will specifically target the aforementioned CVEs. The 0.99.3 betas we had previously shared will be renumbered to 0.100.0 instead.

We apologize for any confusion this change will cause, but we feel this will impact the least number of community members, while allowing us flexibility to quickly address critical bugs or security issues, without undue issues with other work underway.