Monday, June 15, 2020

ClamAV has provided a signature database using Google's Safebrowsing API to provide advanced protection against emails with links to suspicious websites.

As of Nov. 11, 2019, we have stopped updating the Safebrowsing signature database because Google announced changes to their Safebrowsing API terms of service.

Google now requires commercial users to use the Google Web Risk API, a for-profit feature, instead of the Safebrowsing API. Though ClamAV itself is free and open-source, we cannot continue to provide Google Safebrowsing data to the general public.

Today, we're pleased to open-source a new tool for users to generate their own safebrowsing signature databases using their personal Safebrowsing API credentials for use in accordance with the policies of the Safebrowsing API user agreement.

Please check out the clamav-safebrowsing repository on Github to get started.