Monday, February 26, 2018

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Today we completed a large upgrade to the backend of  This upgrade should fix several problems that have been occurring on the site, along side of a large software upgrade.  If we did our jobs correctly, you will notice no changes, other than the site simply working better.

Please let us know on bugzilla if you notice any errors.

Thank you!

Monday, February 5, 2018

ClamAV 0.100.0-beta is the successor to the previous 0.99.3-beta2.  The 0.99.3 patch release on January 25th was required to address vulnerability fixes in a timely manner, so the features previously found in 0.99.3 betas have been bumped to this new version.  If you haven’t read it, please read the announcement regarding the version number change. 

The 0.100.0-beta includes all of the feature improvements and bug fixes that were in the previous 0.99.3-beta2, plus some additional bug fixes and requested improvements that were found by users of the previous beta.  These include:

  • Eliminating warnings regarding with variables being used before being initialized. 
  • Correcting an issue for those using private mirrors where freshclam attempts to pull down the CVD file if the CLD is up-to-date. 
  • Fixed a bug in the filtering system that caused unexpected behavior for signatures that use the case insensitive signatures (:i). 
  • Increased the max stack size when building ClamAV for non-glibc Linux machines (i.e. musl). 
  • Deprecated the AllowSupplementaryGroups config option in a more graceful way.
  • Bug fixes to on-access scanning.
  • A few other bug fixes.

We could use community support testing these fixes, of course.  That said, our main goal of 0.100.0-beta is to get the community ready for the version string change.  Mirror maintainers have been asked to verify that ClamAV clients using the 0.100.0 version number in the HTTP user agent are not blacklisted by regexes intended to drop support for older versions of ClamAV.

As a disclaimer, 0.100.0-beta isn’t a release candidate because we have a few outstanding known issues that we must address prior to the 0.100.0 release, and because once the fixes are made we will have to complete regression testing.  The known issues blocking release include the following:

  • The libmspack library install location, name. Bug
  • BlockMax config option may differ slightly from —block-max command line option. Bug
  • Using the ./configure --disable-static will still require llvm-static. Bug
  • Improvements in PDF object parsing (in progress). 
  • Messages when clamscan skips a file due to max file size settings, along with corrections to the —help string. Bug
  • Warnings when building on macOS.  Bugs, Bugs 
Bugs should be brought to our attention via the clamav-devel mailing list or via bugzilla