Friday, May 16, 2014

ClamAV 0.98.4rc1 is now available!

ClamAV 0.98.4rc1 is now available for download.  Shown below are the notes concerning this release:


ClamAV 0.98.4 is a bug fix release. The following issues are now resolved:

- Various build problems on Solaris, OpenBSD, AIX.

- Crashes of clamd on Windows and Mac OS X platforms when reloading
the virus signature database.

- Infinite loop in clamdscan when clamd is not running.

- Freshclam failure on Solaris 10.

- Buffer underruns when handling multi-part MIME email attachments.

- Configuration of OpenSSL on various platforms.


ClamAV 0.98.4rc1 is available for download here:  Please download, test, and provide feedback to the mailing list here:

The ClamAV team (