Wednesday, February 7, 2024

ClamAV 1.3.0 feature release and 1.2.2, 1.0.5 security patch release!

The ClamAV 1.3.0 feature release is now stable!

Today, we are also publishing the 1.2.2 and 1.0.5 security patch versions.

ClamAV 1.1 is past EOL for security fixes and will not receive an update. Switch to the 1.0 LTS, 1.2, or 1.3 versions for continued support.

The release files are available for download on the ClamAV downloads page, on the Github Release page, and through Docker Hub*:
*The Docker images are built on release day and may not be available until later in the day.

Continue reading to learn what changed in each version.


ClamAV 1.3.0 includes the following improvements and changes:

Major changes

  • Added support for extracting and scanning attachments found in Microsoft OneNote section files. OneNote parsing will be enabled by default, but may be optionally disabled using one of the following options:
    a. The clamscan command line option: --scan-onenote=no,
    b. The clamd.conf config option: ScanOneNote no,
    c. The libclamav scan option options.parse &= ~CL_SCAN_PARSE_ONENOTE;,
    d. A signature change to the daily.cfg dynamic configuration (DCONF).

Other improvements

  • Fixed issue when building ClamAV on the Haiku (BeOS-like) operating system. Patch courtesy of Luca D'Amico

  • ClamD: When starting, ClamD will now check if the directory specified by TemporaryDirectory in clamd.conf exists. If it doesn't, ClamD will print an error message and will exit with exit code 1. Patch courtesy of Andrew Kiggins.

  • CMake: If configured to build static libraries, CMake will now also install the libclamav_rust, libclammspack, libclamunrar_iface, and libclamunrar static libraries required by libclamav.

    Note: These libraries are all linked into the clamscan, clamd, sigtool, and freshclam programs, which is why they did not need to be installed to function. However, these libraries would be required if you wish to build some other program that uses the libclamav static library.

    Patch courtesy of driverxdw.

  • Added file type recognition for compiled Python (`.pyc`) files.

      The file type appears as a string parameter for these callback functions:

      - clcb_pre_cache

      - clcb_pre_scan

      - clcb_file_inspection

      When scanning a `.pyc` file, the `type` parameter will now show


  • Assorted minor improvements and typo fixes.

Bug fixes

  • ClamOnAcc: Fixed an infinite loop when a file has been deleted before a scan.
    Patch courtesy of gsuehiro.
  • Fixed a possible crash when processing VBA files on HP-UX/IA 64bit. Patch courtesy of Albert Chin-A-Young.

  • ClamConf: Fixed an issue printing `MaxScanSize` introduced with the change to allow a `MaxScanSize` greater than 4 GB.
    Fix courtesy of teoberi.
  • Fixed an issue building a ClamAV RPM in some configurations.
    The issue was caused by faulty CMake logic that intended to create an empty database directory during the installation.


Special thanks to the following people for code contributions and bug reports:

  • Albert Chin-A-Young
  • Andrew Kiggins
  • driverxdw
  • gsuehiro
  • Luca D'Amico
  • RainRat
  • teoberi

    1.2.2 and 1.0.5

    ClamAV 1.2.2 and ClamAV 1.0.5 are critical patch versions with the following fixes:

    • CVE-2024-20290: Fixed a possible heap overflow read bug in the OLE2 file parser that could cause a denial-of-service (DoS) condition.

      Thank you to OSS-Fuzz for identifying this issue.

      Affected versions:
      • 1.0.0 through 1.0.4 (LTS)
      • 1.1 (all patch versions)
      • 1.2.0 and 1.2.1
    • CVE-2024-20328: Fixed a possible command injection vulnerability in the "VirusEvent" feature of ClamAV's ClamD service.

      To fix this issue, we disabled the '%f' format string parameter.  ClamD administrators may continue to use the `CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_FILENAME`  environment variable, instead of '%f'. But you should do so only from within  an executable, such as a Python script, and not directly in the clamd.conf "VirusEvent" command.

      Thank you to Amit Schendel for identifying this issue.

      Affected versions:
      • 0.104 (all patch versions)
      • 0.105 (all patch versions)
      • 1.0.0 through 1.0.4 (LTS)
      • 1.1 (all patch versions)
      • 1.2.0 and 1.2.1