Friday, August 4, 2023

ClamAV 1.2.0 release candidate now available

We are excited to announce the ClamAV 1.2.0 release candidate.

You may find the source code and installers for this release on the page or the ClamAV GitHub release page.

Tip: If you are downloading the source from the GitHub release page, the package labeled "clamav-1.2.0-rc.tar.gz" does not require an internet connection to build. All dependencies are included in this package.  But if you download the ZIP or TAR.GZ generated by GitHub, located at the very bottom, then an internet connection will be required during the build to download additional Rust dependencies.

For Docker users, there is no specific Docker tag for the release candidate, but you can use the clamav:unstable or clamav:unstable_base tags.

The release candidate phase is expected to last two to three weeks before we publish the stable release or a second release candidate. Please take this time to evaluate ClamAV 1.2.0.  

Please help us validate this release by providing feedback via the ClamAV mailing list or on our Discord. 

ClamAV 1.2.0 includes the following improvements and changes:

Major changes

  • Added support for extracting Universal Disk Format (UDF) partitions.

    Specifically, this version adds support for the Beginning Extended Area Descriptor (BEA01) type of UDF files.

  • Added an option to customize the size of ClamAV's clean file cache.

    Increasing the size of the clean file cache may improve scan performance but will require more RAM. The cache size value should be a square number or will be rounded up to the nearest square number.

    The cache size option for clamd and clamscan is --cache-size. Alternatively, you can customize the cache size for ClamD by setting CacheSize in clamd.conf.

    Patch courtesy of Craig Andrews.

  • Introduced a SystemD timer for running Freshclam updates, without sending Freshclam into the background. This takes the "burden of timing the updates" from Freshclam and puts it onto SystemD. The timer can be activated, audited, and the logs inspected:

    sudo systemctl enable --now clamav-freshclam-once.timer
    sudo systemctl list-timers
    sudo systemctl status clamav-freshclam-once.timer
    sudo systemctl status clamav-freshclam-once.service
    journalctl -u clamav-freshclam-once.service

    If you want a different update interval you can edit the timer unit file:

    sudo systemctl edit clamav-freshclam-once.timer

    Patch courtesy of Nils Werner.

  • Raised the MaxScanSize limit so the total amount of data scanned when scanning a file or archive may exceed 4 gigabytes.

    Introduced the ability to suffix the MaxScanSize and other config file size options with a "G" or "g" for the number of gigabytes. For example, for ClamD you may now specify MaxScanSize 10G in clamd.conf. And for ClamScan, you may now specify --max-scansize=10g.

    The MaxFileSize is still limited internally in ClamAV to 2 gigabytes. Any file, or embedded file, larger than 2GB will be skipped. You may use clamscan --alert-exceeds-max, or the clamd.conf option AlertExceedsMax yes to tell if a scan is not completed because of the scan limits.

    Patch courtesy of matthias-fratz-bsz.

  • Added ability for Freshclam to use a client certificate PEM file and a private key PEM file for authentication to a private mirror by setting the following environment variables:

    • FRESHCLAM_CLIENT_CERT: May be set to the path of a file (PEM) containing the client certificate.
    • FRESHCLAM_CLIENT_KEY: May be set to the path of a file (PEM) containing the client private key.
    • FRESHCLAM_CLIENT_KEY_PASSWD: May be set to a password for the client key PEM file, if it is password protected.

    Patch courtesy of jedrzej.

Other improvements

  • Fix an issue extracting files from ISO9660 partitions where the files are listed in the plain ISO tree and there also exists an empty Joliet tree.

  • CMake build system improvement to support compiling with OpenSSL 3.x on macOS with the Xcode toolchain.

    The official ClamAV installers and packages are now built with OpenSSL 3.1.1 or newer.

  • The suggested path for the and clamd.sock file in the sample configs have been updated to reflect the recommended locations for these files in the Docker images. These are:

    • /run/clamav/
    • /run/clamav/clamd.sock

    For consistency, it now specifies clamd.sock instead of clamd.socket.

    Patch courtesy of computersalat.

Bug fixes


Special thanks to the following people for code contributions and bug reports:

  • computersalat
  • Craig Andrews
  • jedrzej
  • matthias-fratz-bsz
  • Nils Werner
  • Răzvan Cojocaru