Monday, May 1, 2023

ClamAV 1.1.0 released

The ClamAV 1.1.0 feature release is now stable and available for download on or through Docker Hub.  

ClamAV 1.1.0 includes the following improvements and changes.

Major changes

  • Added the ability to extract images embedded in HTML CSS <style> blocks.

  • Updated to Sigtool so that the --vba option will extract VBA code from Microsoft Office documents the same way that libclamav extracts VBA. This resolves several issues where Sigtool could not extract VBA. Sigtool will also now display the normalized VBA code instead of the pre-normalized VBA code.

  • Added a new ClamScan and ClamD option: --fail-if-cvd-older-than=days. Additionally, we introduce FailIfCvdOlderThan as a clamd.conf synonym for --fail-if-cvd-older-than. When passed, it causes ClamD to exit on startup with a non-zero return code if the virus database is older than the specified number of days.

  • Added a new function cl_cvdgetage() to the libclamav API. This function will retrieve the age in seconds of the youngest file in a database directory, or the age of a single CVD (or CLD) file.

  • Added a new function cl_engine_set_clcb_vba() to the libclamav API. Use this function to set a cb_vba callback function. The cb_vba callback function will be run whenever VBA is extracted from office documents. The provided data will be a normalized copy of the extracted VBA. This callback was added to support Sigtool so that it can use the same VBA extraction logic that ClamAV uses to scan documents.

Other improvements

  • Removed the vendored TomsFastMath library in favor of using OpenSSL to perform "big number"/multiprecision math operations. Work courtesy of Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

  • Build system: Added CMake option DO_NOT_SET_RPATH to avoid setting RPATH on Unix systems. Feature courtesy of Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

  • Build system: Enabled version-scripts with CMake to limit symbol exports for libclamav, libfreshclam, libclamunrar_iface, and libclamunrar shared libraries on Unix systems, excluding macOS. Improvement courtesy of Orion Poplawski and Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

  • Build system: Enabled users to pass in custom Rust compiler flags using the RUSTFLAGS CMake variable. Feature courtesy of Orion Poplawski.

  • Removed a hard-coded alert for CVE-2004-0597. The CVE is old enough that it is no longer a threat and the detection had occasional false-positives.

  • Set Git attributes to prevent Git from altering line endings for Rust vendored libraries. Third-party Rust libraries are bundled in the ClamAV release tarball. We do not commit them to our own Git repository, but community package maintainers may now store the tarball contents in Git. The Rust build system verifies the library manifest, and this change ensures that the hashes are correct. Improvement courtesy of Nicolas R.

  • Fixed compile time warnings. Improvement courtesy of Răzvan Cojocaru.

  • Added a minor optimization when matching domain name regex signatures for PDB, WDB and CDB type signatures.

  • Build system: Enabled the ability to select a specific Python version. When building, you may use the CMake option -D PYTHON_FIND_VER=<version> to choose a specific Python version. Feature courtesy of Matt Jolly.

  • Added improvements to the ClamOnAcc process log output so that it is easier to diagnose bugs.

  • Windows: Enabled the MSI installer to upgrade between feature versions more easily when ClamAV is installed to a location different from the default (i.e., not C:\Program Files\ClamAV). This means that the MSI installer can find a previous ClamAV 1.0.x installation to upgrade to ClamAV 1.1.0.

  • Sigtool: Added the ability to change the location of the temp directory using the --tempdir option and added the ability to retain the temp files created by Sigtool using the --leave-temps option.

  • Other minor improvements.

Bug fixes


Special thanks to the following people for code contributions and bug reports:

  • Arjen de Korte
  • Craig Andrews
  • Ged Haywood
  • Matt Jolly
  • Orion Poplawski
  • Nicolas R.
  • Răzvan Cojocaru
  • Red
  • Shawn Iverson
  • Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
  • The OSS-Fuzz project