Monday, November 28, 2022

ClamAV 1.0.0 LTS released

The ClamAV 1.0.0 feature release is now stable and available for download on or through Docker Hub.  

ClamAV 1.0.0 includes the following improvements and changes.

Major changes

  • Support for decrypting read-only OLE2-based XLS files that are encrypted with the default password. Use of the default password will now appear in the metadata JSON.

  • Overhauled the implementation of the all-match feature. The newer code is more reliable and easier to maintain.

    • This project fixed several known issues with signature detection in all- match mode:

      • Enabled embedded file-type recognition signatures to match when a malware signature also matched in a scan of the same layer.

      • Enabled bytecode signatures to run in all-match mode after a match has occurred.

      • Fixed an assortment of all-match edge case issues.

    • Added multiple test cases to verify correct all-match behavior.

    • GitHub pull request:

  • Added a new callback to the public API for inspecting file content during a scan at each layer of archive extraction.

    • The new callback function type is clcb_file_inspection defined in clamav.h.

    • The function cl_engine_set_clcb_file_inspection() may be used to enable the callback prior to performing a scan.

    • This new callback is to be considered unstable for the 1.0 release. We may alter this function in a subsequent feature version.

    • GitHub pull request:

  • Added a new function to the public API for unpacking CVD signature archives.

    • The new function is cl_cvdunpack(). The last parameter for the function may be set to verify if a CVD's signature is valid before unpacking the CVD content to the destination directory.

    • GitHub pull request:

  • The option to build with an external TomsFastMath library has been removed. ClamAV requires non-default build options for TomsFastMath to support bigger floating point numbers. Without this change, database and Windows EXE/DLL authenticode certificate validation may fail. The ENABLE_EXTERNAL_TOMSFASTMATH build is now ignored.

  • Moved the Dockerfile and supporting scripts from the main ClamAV repository over to a new repository:

    The separate repository will make it easier to update the images and fix issues with images for released ClamAV versions.

    Any users building the ClamAV Docker image rather than pulling them from Docker Hub will have to get the latest Docker files from the new location.

  • Increased the SONAME major version for libclamav because of ABI changes between the 0.103 LTS release and the 1.0 LTS release.

Other improvements

  • Add checks to limit PDF object extraction recursion.

  • Increased the limit for memory allocations based on untrusted input and altered the warning message when the limit is exceeded so that it is more helpful and less dramatic.

  • Dramatically improved the build time of libclamav-Rust unit tests. The unit test build is included in the time limit for the test itself and was timing out on slower systems. The ClamAV Rust code modules now share the same build directory, which also reduces the amount of disk space used for the build.

  • For Windows: The debugging symbol (PDB) files are now installed alongside the DLL and LIB library files when built in "RelWithDebInfo" or "Debug" mode.

  • Relaxed the constraints on the check for overlapping ZIP file entries so as not to alert on slightly malformed, but non-malicious, Java (JAR) archives.

  • Increased the time limit in FreshClam before warning if the DNS entry is stale. In combination with changes to update the DNS entry more frequently, this should prevent false alarms of failures in the database publication system.

  • Docker: The C library header files are now included in the Docker image. Patch courtesy of GitHub user TerminalFi.

  • Show the BYTECODE_RUNTIME build options when using the ccmake GUI for CMake. Patch courtesy of Дилян Палаузов.

  • Added explicit minimum and maximum supported LLVM versions so that the build will fail if you try to build with a version that is too old or too new and will print a helpful message rather than simply failing to compile because of compatibility issues. Patch courtesy of Matt Jolly.

  • Fixed compiler warnings that may turn into errors in Clang 16. Patch courtesy of Michael Orlitzky.

  • Allow building with a custom RPATH so that the executables may be moved after build in a development environment to a final installation directory.

Bug fixes


Special thanks to the following people for code contributions and bug reports:

  • Anthony Chan

  • Ben Bodenmiller

  • Дилян Палаузов

  • Liam Jarvis

  • Matt Jolly

  • Michael Orlitzky

  • monkz

  • teoberi

  • TerminalFi