Thursday, June 17, 2021

Join ClamAV on Discord

As a result of changes to Freenode IRC management, the #clamav channel on the Freenode IRC server is no longer being monitored or maintained by the ClamAV team at Cisco Talos. 

Almost two years ago, the ClamAV team added Discord as an alternative to IRC, with a general channel we bridged to the IRC channel.

Our Discord server offers additional chat rooms with GitHub event notifications, announcements, specialized discussion topics and fine-tuned control over notifications for each. We've elected to drop IRC and use Discord exclusively for community discussions.

For those less familiar, Discord is a fully featured modern chat service. Discord was originally created for gamers but has become highly popular as a general-purpose chat service. Discord has also become popular for hosting official and unofficial chat spaces for open source projects to include some prominent ones such as the Rust programming language, Python Flask (Pallets) projects, Vue.js, Angular, GraphQL and many more.

We hope you'll join the ClamAV team on our Discord server.