Tuesday, September 1, 2020

ClamAV 0.103.0 second release candidate

Thanks to everyone who looked at our first release candidate for ClamAV 0.103.0 over the past few weeks. With your help, we found and fixed a few major issues. 

To make sure everything is in order, we published a second release candidate for ClamAV 0.103.0 Tuesday evening.

This second release candidate fixes a couple major issues and a handful of other issues that were reported these past two weeks. Some notable bug fixes and improvements added since our first release candidate include:

  • Fixed clamd and clamav-milter service/daemon start issue when starting as root and switching users. This issue discussed in the mailing list and reported on Bugzilla.
  • Fixed a build issue when libcheck is not installed. This issue reported on Bugzilla.
  • Fixed a Windows issue using the clamscan.exe & clamdscan.exe's --remove option. This issue reported on Bugzilla.
  • Added pkg-config support for finding pcre2 and ncurses when using the Autotools build system. pcre2 pkg-config support contributed by Michael Orlitzky via GitHub.com.
  • Reverted the change that requires Bison & Flex when building from a Git clone. Bison & Flex-generated sources will remain in our Git repository. When building with CMake, they can be re-generated by enabling "maintainer mode."
  • Fixed bugs in the ARJ and XAR archive parsers.

To see the full list of changes new in ClamAV 0.103, please see the 0.103.0-rc1 announcement.

Once again, we would very much appreciate your time evaluating this second release candidate. Please share your experience with us on the ClamAV mailing list, in #clamav on irc.freenode.net, or on our Discord, which is bridged with our IRC. Please continue to submit bugs to our Bugzilla