Wednesday, February 20, 2019

ClamAV is looking for a new team member!

The ClamAV Development team is looking to add a new C programmer to the team, located in Fulton, Maryland USA!

Our team is a small and friendly one. At present, we have two software engineers and one quality assurance engineer. All three of us work in the Cisco office in Fulton, MD where we occupy a comfortable corner complete with our own snack area and Nerf gun arsenal. And we're not simply legacy software maintainers: we actively design and engineer new features while improving existing ones. If you’re seeking a long-term, head-in-the-sand, maintenance job, look elsewhere. Our team is constantly engaged. From discussing new ways to improve our processes, to opening ourselves to new concepts, our willingness to learn and explore new ideas leads us to write better code, test more effectively, and ultimately build a better product.

As a member of the ClamAV team, you wouldn’t be working in a vacuum, and you wouldn’t get stuck fixing bugs in legacy software day-in and day-out. The team has an ever-evolving list of cool, new ideas to work on. Project planning is a collaborative effort. We derive requirements from community requests as well as from our partners in Talos Malware Research, Talos Web Team, and stakeholders across a handful of Cisco product groups. We work as a team to find the best way to tackle the more difficult challenges. The ClamAV Dev team is part of a larger group of skilled developers, researchers, and analysts, with whom we collaborate daily. Working on ClamAV, you'll always have a friendly and highly-skilled talentpool from which to draw upon and share ideas.

Our team performs for a wide audience. ClamAV is oft regarded as an anti-malware product, but our tools do more than protect endpoint devices. In fact, ClamAV is run on most mail servers and many web servers on the internet, protecting the world from malware transmitted via email and file upload. What’s more, our open source scanning and matching technology is baked into many of Cisco's core products. As a consequence, our team is responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship not only with the open source community but also with those Cisco product development teams that integrate ClamAV into their software.

Speaking of Talos, the ClamAV team is a core component of the largest and coolest commercial threat intelligence organization on the planet. Our offices are new and shiny. Our workforce is skilled, but also casual. We enjoy our work, and we know how to relax, too. That means our office has an active roster of video gamers, board gamers, ping pong players, and more.

Ok … so the work sounds good to you, and the office sounds great too… but your schedule can be a little crazy, and sometimes you need to stay home in your pajamas. No problem. Our team generally works from home once a week. Usually we work from home on Fridays, but things can be adjusted as needed to accomodate life's inescapable work-week appointments.

Does this job sounds too good to be true? Don't take my word for it. This year, Cisco placed #6 in Fortune’s rankings of the 100 best companies to work for! Our offices in Fulton, MD and in San Jose, CA are no exception.

To see the required skills, please check out the job listing on our careers page on