Monday, July 9, 2018

ClamAV 0.100.1 has been released!

ClamAV 0.100.1 is a hotfix release to patch a set of vulnerabilities.
  • Fixes for the following CVE's:
  • Fixes for a few additional bugs:
    • Buffer over-read in unRAR code due to missing max value checks in table initialization. Reported by Rui Reis.
    • Libmspack heap buffer over-read in CHM parser. Reported by Hanno Böck.
    • PDF parser bugs reported by Alex Gaynor.
      • Buffer length checks when reading integers from non-NULL terminated strings.
      • Buffer length tracking when reading strings from dictionary objects.
  • HTTPS support for clamsubmit.
  • Fix for DNS resolution for users on IPv4-only machines where IPv6 is not available or is link-local only. Patch provided by Guilherme Benkenstein.
Thank you to the following ClamAV community members for your code submissions and bug reports!
  • aCaB
  • Alex Gaynor
  • Guilherme Benkenstein
  • Hanno Böck
  • Rui Reis
  • Laurent Delosieres, Secunia Research at Flexera