Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Installing ClamAV from source: New Documentation!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to point everyone to a git repository, located here.
I'm pointing this out because if you navigate to the 'manual' folder, you will now see new directories and such. The most important thing you will see is "Installation from source" guides for various operating systems. 

This is where we want your assistance. I started the documents, but am asking for any community help to continuously maintain these in markdown. We want to have better documentation moving forward to help new and existing users.

I will also be updating these as newer versions come out. But, it would also be helpful from a community standpoint to have another set of eyes to make sure they are accurate, easy to read and understandable.

Once these are a little more cleaned up, we will be putting them on the website as well.
Keep in mind, these installer guides are "installing from source." Though, I am not opposed to having package maintainers also store documentation here for the ClamAV installer(s) that are created, but that will be their decision. All edits will be reviewed by myself, and then pushed to the repository.

Have a good day!