Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CRDF Joins the ClamAV Signature Partner Program!

We'd like to welcome CRDF to the ClamAV Signature Detection Partner Program!

The CRDF is the first 3rd party Signature house we've integrated into the program.  Their signatures are now being distributed to all ClamAV Virus database subscribers, officially signed by us, and distributed through the official mirror system.

If you visit and file a false positive report against one of CRDF's signatures, they will also receive a copy of the False positive report at the same time we do.

You can keep abreast of who we bring into the Partner program on our Contact page on, and we'll announce each new on here, on the ClamAV Blog.  We have several more we are working on right now.

If you write ClamAV detection, and are interested in having it distributed to the entire ClamAV community, and receive donations and false positive reports from your signatures, please see our blog post about how to join the program.