Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ClamAV 0.99 Beta 2 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the beta 2 of ClamAV 0.99. In addition to the features we added to 0.99 in beta 1, we've added a few more for the second beta that we'd love for you to test and provide feedback!


 *Highlights* for the second beta of ClamAV 0.99

  • New and improved on-access scanning for Linux. We will be showcasing a blog post in the near future about these capabilities.
  • Improved support for YARA rules including private rules, referencing other rules, and YARA "include"
  • Configurable default password list to attempt zip file decryption.
  • TIFF support.
  • ./configure options for YARA.
  • Upgrade Windows pthread library to 2.9.1.
  • A new signature target type for uncategorized files.
  • Improved fidelity of the "data loss prevention" algorithm. Code supplied by Bill Parker.
ClamAV 0.99 beta 2 is available for download from our download site under "Development Releases".

Please provide feedback on our ClamAV-Development list, found on our "Contact" page, under Mailing lists.

Please note that we are intentionally pointing you towards for downloads, as we are planning on moving out permanent download location to instead of using SourceForge at some point in the future.  More on this transition will be published later.