Wednesday, April 29, 2015

TeslaCrypt -- You can now decrypt it yourself!

TeslaCrypt, another malware family in the list of "lockers" that have come out (Cryptolocker, Cryptwall, etc) is being dropped constantly in several methods, infecting, and generally making people's lives terrible.

That being said, a couple of researchers here on the ClamAV team at Talos took a look at this malware, broke it down for an explanation, and even released a tool to decrypt TeslaCrypt locked drives yourselves.

We've released the tool on our blog post, to include the source code (Open Source, GPLv2), and will be placing the code on our Github page soon.

Please take a look at this blog post if you've been a victim of TeslaCrypt, and if you have comments please leave them on the blog post over on our Talos blog!