Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ClamAV 0.98.5-rc1 is now available for download!

ClamAV 0.98.5-rc1 is now available for download.  Shown below are the notes for this release:

ClamAV 0.98.5 also includes these new features:

    - Support for the XDP file format and extracting, decoding, and
      scanning PDF files within XDP files.
    - Addition of shared library support for LLVM verions 3.1 - 3.4
      for the purpose of just-in-time(JIT) compilation of ClamAV
      bytecode signatures. Andreas Cadhalpun submitted the patch
      implementing this support.
    - Enhancements to the clambc command line utility to assist
      ClamAV bytecode signature authors by providing introspection
      into compiled bytecode programs.
    - Resolution of many of the warning messages from ClamAV compilation.
    - Bug fixes and other feature enhancements. See Changelog or
      git log for details.

Thanks to the following ClamAV community members for code submissions
and bug reporting included in ClamAV 0.98.5:

Andreas Cadhalpun
Sebastian Andrzej Siewior


The RC is available for download from:
http://www.clamav.net/download.html under the "Development Releases" section.

Please download, test, and provide feedback to the team here:



The ClamAV team (http://www.clamav.net/about.html#credits)

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  1. Hi, if you have a PC running windows and U have a virus, would it be more effective to boot the computer useing a LIVE usb With linux then execute clamav from linux to scan the computer for the virus?
    Clamav is designed for E-mail, but if u opened an E-mail and got a virus, will clamav work to get rid of the virus, as I mention above? Or can you recommend another program to do that? Thanks for your reply.