Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you a ninja? Want to become one?

Then we want to talk to you! While you can look up the different openings that the Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) has, what you won't see if why you should choose Sourcefire for your next job. This is why I love working here, in no particular order:

1. The people. We come from different backgrounds and bring a wealth of talent and knowledge to the table. Most of us were using computers pre-Internet before we were 10 years old. Back then, our friends were just happy to have a gaming console and didn't see the point of having a computer. We are curious by nature and didn't stop learning when we got our various degrees. When you engage in conversation with the VRT, be assured that there will be someone who knows at least as much as you on any topic. The VRT is made of smart, smart! individuals and we are looking for people who are driven and can fit in the team culture.

2. Open-source philosophy. Whether it's ClamAV, Snort, or Razorback (and their respective signatures/rules), we believe in letting users see and understand what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. This pushes us to excel at our job and always put the customer first.

3. Fun work environment. We are productive and have crunch times, yet we always know how to have fun. Do you know what "tea time" is? "Truffle shuffle"? "Hit box!"? Do you know what it is "to be slothed"? What does it mean when someone calls "car"? Who's the "grammar police"? Come find out :-)

4. Hobbies. If you like biking, riding motorcycles, playing the guitar, photography, playing tennis or soccer, you will likely find an after-hours hangout buddy with similar interest in the VRT.

5. Lunch. Delivered to you every day between 12PM and 2PM. Just choose what you like from 3 different and rotating restaurant menus and lookout for the the daily email that says that your lunch has arrived. For free. Yup, just like that (well technically it's part of your benefits).

6. Training. Whether you want to informally learn about malware or vulnerability research, attend a conference or a week-long training, or formally work towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree, we'll hook you up.

7. Leadership and Innovation. Snort is the de facto standard for Intrusion Detection and Prevention. ClamAV sets the standard for open-source antivirus and anti-malware solutions. Razorback advances complex threat detection and protection.

I could really go on and on about why you should choose us. If you think you have the right skills, if you think you can grow and most importantly if you are driven, contact us with your resume at research at sourcefire dot com.