Wednesday, March 16, 2011

59 Open Source Tools that Can Replace Popular Security Software

This article over at Datamation talks about 59 Open Source Tools that can Replace Popular Security Software.

It talks about ClamAV in two instances, saying that ClamAV is a replacement for antivirus software, referencing Immunet.  Then it mentions ClamAVWin for Windows.  ClamAV for the Windows OS is now officially rolled up into Immunet 3.0 - powered by ClamAV.  So while Datamation gives ClamAV two plugs, for the Windows platform, we are calling it Immunet, for Unix based platforms, ClamAV retains the same name.

While there is no mention of Snort in the article, funnily enough, many other products that are in the article incorporate Snort.  So we're sure it's just an oversight.  There are a lot of OpenSource tools out there, support your communities, support OpenSource, and use the tools.  Provide code, feedback, and information.  Help us all make the tools easier to use and loads more powerful.