Friday, January 21, 2011

PCWorld writes about ClamAV and Immunet

It's great to see the news coming out about our ClamAV 3.0 product for Windows, seems Keir Thomas of PCWorld wrote the article linked below. Here's a couple of choice quotes:

"The key new feature in version 3 is offline scanning. Because of its cloud nature, ClamAV for Windows ideally requires an Internet connection in order to check files against virus definitions, but with version 3 the ClamAV engine and virus definitions are also held locally, so virus scans are possible when the Internet isn't present."

"When I ran the software for testing purposes it told me it protected against just over 19 million threats, and that around 800,000 people were connected to the Immunet Protect cloud alongside me. It's difficult to argue with such figures."

The article states that they don't know when the final release of ClamAV 3.0 for Windows will be released, but we'll tell you that it will be soon, and we'll let you know when it is ready!

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