Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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I wanted to inform everyone of the functionality of ClamAV Clamsubmit

Clamsubmit is a tool that allows you to submit false positives or false negative reporting(s) in ClamAV.

in order to install and use clamsubmit, you will need to install libcurl development packages.
(for example apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev)

-e [email]  email address ( required )
-h  shows help text
-N [name] your name ( required )
-n [file] submit false negative(FN)
-p [file] submit false positive(FP)

clamsubmit -e tmccourt@cisco.com -N Tom McCourt -p /opt/file

You can still use the below submit from the website. The link is below:


Clamsubmit, at this time, is only available on the *nix systems.  Sorry Windows users!  (We'd love to accept any pull requests to add this functionality!)

If you do use clamsubmit and run into any issues, please enter a ticket.

If ClamAV is not detecting libcurl, when you see the summary output of the ClamAV ./configure,
it will appear like:
configure: Summary of optional tools
              clamsubmit  : no (Please use the web interface for submitting FPs/FNs.)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Join us as we welcome ClamAV 0.99.4 to the family!

0.99.4 Release Notes

0.99.4 is a security patch release, quick on the heels of the 0.99.3 security patch release.  This is a renewal of our commitment to the ClamAV community for timely fixes to critical issues.

0.99.4 addresses a few outstanding vulnerability bugs.  It includes fixes for:

There are also a few bug fixes that were not assigned CVE’s, but were important enough to address while we had the chance.  One of these was the notorious file descriptor exhaustion bug that caused outages late last January.

In addition to the above, 0.99.4 fixes:

  • CVE-2018-0202 
    • Two newly reported vulnerabilities in the PDF parsing code. 
  • GCC 6, C++11 compatibility issues. 

A big "thank you" to everyone out there contributing patches, bug reports, and helping support the ClamAV community via our mailing lists and IRC channel.

Thank you to the following ClamAV community members for your code submissions and bug reports!

Alberto Garcia
Bernhard Vogel
Francisco Oca
Hanno Böck
Jeffrey Yasskin
Keith Jones
Suleman Ali

Stay tuned for the upcoming 0.100.0 release candidate!